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Prospective tenants search the database of apartment rentals where our properties are listed. From this personalized web page, tenants contact Us and we deliver the available property that suit their needs. Select among our cheap and affordable vacation homes and be the first to experience our interesting features. All properties are well furnished to it's maximum. We make effort in giving the best and promise your vacation the lovable you cannot get from other vacation rentals. Try Us and see the best we can offer you.

Before us, the rental process was an overwhelming task that required tremendous effort, door to door travel.  TheTent Villas Rental has simplified the process of renting vacation homes by creating a full service rental medium where We and Guest meet without exhausting efforts or uncomfortable landlord. Most rental agreements are 90% completed before you have to leave your computer terminal.

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At TheTent Villas Rental, our mission is to provide a global marketplace where tenants and landlords can match ALL their rental housing needs. TheTent Villas Rental is not just for Sublets!  At TheTent Villas Rental, people from all over the world sign leases from one day to one decade; furnished, with pets and without, with good credit and with bad credit, and at all price ranges. TheTent Villas Rental prides itself on maintaining a complete and updated database of every kind of rental in Florida, New York, California. Whether your rental situation is unique or ordinary, we can help you realize your rental needs.

When you think of Florida, are images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck the first that cross your mind? If you answered yes, you're in the right place. You can as well experience the magic of Disney and hundreds of other theme parks and attractions. But if images of the famous cartoon mouse are the only ones that come to mind, we at TheTent Villas would like to cordially invite you to experience the rest of the Sunshine State.



With a state slogan like "I LOVE NY", and destinations as different as night and day, New York is a state that caters to a variety of travelers. Whether you are searching for an urban New York, Elegant Vacation Rental is perfect for you and your family.



A California vacation is an ideal solution for almost everyone's travel yearnings. The great Golden State offers the diversity of mountains, shorelines, forests, deserts, major metropolitan cities, and fertile farmland. Even before the promise of, "gold in them thar' hills", rang out, people knew there was something very special about California.